Dream BIG, Work HARD and don't EVER quit.

Lately these days seem to be getting shorter and shorter, and it's not just the time change.  The more I grow as an Editor and Stylist, the more tasks I have to juggle.  I'm grateful for each one, I just wish sometimes I had a bit more time to chat with all of you! Can it really be November? I know it may seem I've been slacking on the blog a bit this year, but I promise you I've been working round' the clock on a special project, I can't wait to share!  (launching Nov. 29th!)

I can honestly tell you that if you truly believe in yourself, love yourself and are determined as hell to achieve your goal, you will get there. No matter how big or extravagant your dreams may be, envision them.  

"If you can see it, you can achieve it."

Make a plan, gather your biggest supporters and GO!  Don't stop. Don't get hung up on competition, because there is only one you.  Be proactive.  Be smart.  Be courageous, kind and confident.  

As the year closes in, I have a renewed spirit and an even more, positive mindset.  Surround yourself with people who love you and understand you completely.  I guarantee it will change your entire world.  There will always be roadblocks but it's up to you whether or not you will allow them to stand in your way.  Each obstacle is a lesson, learn it and it will propel you forward.  

No dream is ever too big.