The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

It's about that time... Katniss is going to whip out her bow and arrow and put some people in check! 

Like millions of others, I loved the books but on the big screen I'm in awe of the costumes!  ...Except one. 

I just don't know how I'm feeling about Effie wearing the eye-popping, butterfly piece (below) from Alexander Mcqueen Spring Collection 2011. Maybe I should keep my opinions to myself, but as a fashion whore and a costume designer, it kinda kills the fantasy for me.  Now I will be watching Elizabeth Banks wearing a dress that Trish Summerville (and team), pulled from the McQueen archives and dressed her in.  I would of preferred to fall under the Hollywood spell like the rest of the fans and oogle over Effie Trinket wearing another outlandish ensemble purely customized for her character.  But...

Other than my two seconds of bitching, I'm actually REALLY excited to see the flick!


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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire hit theatres November 22.