(photo courtesy of Elisabeth Eibye & CPHFW)

Did you know that this blog, my baby, was born while I was living in Denmark?  It was inspired by the simplistic, yet intricate design that was beyond anything I'd seen before. There is an elegant element, to the casual style and feel of danish fashion design. Balanced, clean lines, yet chic enough to make you feel like you should be walking the runway, when you're only browsing at the blomst marked. (flower market)

I moved to Denmark for personal reasons, of which I may share at some point, but after falling in love with all things Danish, I was compelled to share my finds with my friends back in the states.  I had no plan to make this blog, a creative outlet and hobby at the time, an actual business that would last almost 9 years!  So when Copenhagen Fashion Week rolls around, I get a little nostalgic and my heart skips a beat.

There was plenty of black and neutral on the runway for spring 2016, but I preferred to share some of my faves, which is always about the brightest pop of color.