You can't judge a book but the cover.  On the outside it might seem that I've been slacking and falling short in my "stylish" duties, or it could simply just be my own guilt. But the truth is, I haven't been around as much as I should be and I just wanted to check in and let you know I'm still here and I still love you all.  In fact I love you so much that I've been putting in 12 hour days to prove it.

I'm working on a HUGE secret project and will be announcing it around (my birthday!) July 1st. It's so exciting that I'm bursting at the seams to tell you!

If I were to share with you the dirty truth of how difficult this past year has really been, you might not believe me. To say that I've had some hurdles to jump, would be the understatement of the century. From frustration, severe depression and anxiety filled days, I lost my way.

Although most of the circumstances were out of my control, the one thing I failed to do was to listen to my instincts.  My head was leading me one direction, while my heart was jumping up and down waving neon orange traffic wands and frantically screaming "Hey dummy, you're going the WRONG way!".  But guess what?  I finally listened.  I took matters into my own hands again and realized that the only person that was going to be in charge of my happiness, was me. Remember that post I wrote back in January after I had seen the movie Joy?  Wow, what an impact it had on me.  In fact I ran out to Target last week and picked up a copy along with The Pursuit of Happyness too. These are little 2 hour lessons to remind me to stay focused and not let those nasty feelings of doubt get in my way.

"Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will."
Suzy Kassem

I realized that I wasn't going to let these ideas of mine be a just a dream, but a reality. The mind is a funny, and sometimes tricky, but if you fill it with positive and motivational thoughts the world suddenly doesn't seem so scary anymore.  My road to freedom and happiness is just around the corner and I won't stop until I reach it.  Sometimes that means we have to prioritize, focus and align ourselves up again.  I have a sneaky suspicion that I'm exactly where I need to be and I'm paying attention to the little signs the universe keeps showing me to confirm my decision.  When you stop to pay attention and listen to that voice inside, it's truly amazing what can happen. Thanks for hanging in there with me, as I take a little detour on my path to joy and become a doer, instead of just a dreamer.

"Believe in yourself, you're more capable than you think you are." 
Yours Truly

(photo courtesy of wildfox)