How to Wear: Mixed Floral Prints

how to wear mixed florals

Here's a few of my fave floral picks for the season, when mixing prints and patterns.  It's no easy feat, but I have faith you can pull it off!  Remember these 5 simple tips when mixing florals, this spring.

1. Start with a standout piece
It's easy to build the perfect outfit when you focus on one item to use as your inspiration.

2. Size Matters
Stick with mix small with bigger patterns scale

3. Stay in the same color family
Try to keep warm tones together and cool tones together.
 If the pattern is a mash-up, then pick a color or two from the combo and go with that.

4. Step out of the box
Experiment with patterns you wouldn't normally pair up. You would be surprised to see 
what a difference it makes if you try something new, so for the love of all things 
holy, don't be too "matchy-matchy".

5. Go bold or Go home
To offset the vibrant floral pattern, pair with a simple and bold accessory.

Happy Styling!

(top image: mary katrantzou, oscar de la renta)