how to turn your apple watch gold diy casey niestat

If you aren't familiar with the genius musings of Casey Neistat then stop everything you are doing and head over to his YouTube channel and start catching up on his vlogs.  His skills as a filmmaker are inspiring to me everyday, but his personality and spirit are contagious.  He's real and he doesn't hide anything.  I'm sure he has insecurities, as we all do, but he hides them well.  Besides being my #MCM (man crush monday) he's also my #MCT, #MCW, #MCTH, #MCF, #MCSA and #MCSU.

Depending on the time of my life, I go through phases admiring different people.  I believe it's because they have some qualities about them that I'm trying to obtain myself and I'm living vicariously through them in a certain way.  Casey is smart, carefree, yet so dedicated at the same time.  We do share those aspects but I think he's showing it in a better way than I am.

Well... enough of my ramblings.. Just check out his channel and follow him on Snapchat (caseyneistat) so you can see for yourself.


On another note, this video he made on How to Turn Your Apple Watch Gold is a simple and easy DIY and that can save you thousands of dollars, so watch, paint and share!